COMMERCIALS - The fact remains, fans/consumers do not want to watch commercials. Yet each year billions of dollars are poured into advertisements designed to gain the attention of disinterested consumers that go out of their way to ignore the commercials.

SOLUTION - The patent pending Tempt Destiny™ card game, licensed by Maveric Inc., enables the fans to interact with the entire sports broadcast, including the commercials, as an extension of "their entertainment" to the benefit of both the fans and the advertisers.

Branded Version - We are making arrangements with teams and their sponsors to be featured on exclusively branded Tempt Destiny games for the 2008 football season. With the Tempt Destiny™ card game, companies that advertise during the televised collegiate and professional football games can now engage the fans with their commercials as part of their entertainment.

Companies interested in an exclusive branded edition (see mock-up) or inclusion in the Tempt Destiny game, please contact us via email at: To date, the advertisement categories included in the game are:

Auto Bank/Investment Beer Computer Credit Card Insurance Food Travel
Medical Movie/DVD Retail Shipping Soft Drink/Water Telecom TV Network
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