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The Tempt Destiny football card game consist of two 112 card sets:
55 red card set • 55 blue card set + Instructions and List of cards

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The football version of the patented Tempt Destiny™ game is played with one or more players while watching or listening to a collegiate or professional football game. You can play it at home, at a sports bar, or even at the football stadium! No extensive knowledge of the sport is required to play — just the desire to have fun!

How to Play (double card sets)

1. Distribute 14 cards - 6 blue Tempt Destiny™ cards, 8 red Tempt Destiny™ cards.

NOTE: For more player activity we suggest increasing the cards distributed. For example: 2 players (12 blue - 15 red), 3 players (10 blue - 12 red), 4-5 players (8 blue - 10 red). Although you may run out of blue cards to pick from, you will definitely increase your interactive experience.

2. When a card in the player’s hand matches the play or commercial that takes place during the football game, the player places the matching card down to claim the card’s points and then picks up another card from the same blue or red card set (if available).

3. Card Exchanges - Players may exchange their cards during each commercial break. Only one card per card set can be exchanged (one blue and/or one red). Returned cards are placed at the bottom of the corresponding deck.

4. Conclusion - The hand ends at the conclusion of the quarter or when a player runs out of cards.

5. Winner - At the conclusion of the hand, the player with the highest total of claimed points wins the hand.


1. Card Check - Player must show the matching card being claimed to the other players for approval or be penalized to return all of their claimed cards to the deck.

2. Player can only claim one matching card per play or commercial break.

3. Player must claim the matching card prior to the next play or lose the opportunity to claim points for that play.

4. Penalty cards overrule all other cards except when the penalty is declined or is added to the end of play.

5. Touchdown + Extra Point card does not apply to touchdowns made during Kickoff Returns, Punt Returns, or by the Defense.

6. Tie-Breaker - If two or more players have the same total of points claimed at the conclusion of the hand, then the player having the highest total of points in their hand, wins. If a tie still remains, flip a coin to determine winner.

Blue Card Set

0-7 Run Yards Gained*
8-14 Run Yards Gained
15+ Run Yards Gained
0-7 Passing Yards Gained**
8-14 Passing Yards Gained
15+ Passing Yards Gained
Loss of Yards
Incomplete Pass
Field Goal
TD + Extra Point

*Run Yards Gained includes runs and handoffs by the quarterback and does not apply to punt and kickoff returns, or yards gained after pass reception.
**Passing Yards Gained includes running yards after pass reception (receiving yards).

Red Card Set

Offensive Penalty
Defensive Penalty
Coach Challenge Flag
Quarterback Sack
Missed Field Goal
Missed Extra Point
Kickoff Return for TD
Punt Return for TD
Touchdown + 2 pt Conversion
Defensive Touchdown
Onside Kick Recovery
Blocked Punt
Blocked Field Goal
Blocked Extra Point
Player Time Out
Auto Commercial • Bank Commercial
Credit Card Commercial • Computer Commercial
Insurance Commercial • Telecom Commercial
Medical Commercial • Movie Commercial
Soft Drink Commercial • Food Commercial
TV Network Commercial • Beer Commercial
Shipping Commercial • Retail Commercial

Note: Player Time Out cards are for Tempt Destiny players to claim points at anytime while taking a break, getting refreshments, etc.

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